1925 Mathias Holzinger (born in 1901) started as a one man business, mainly maintaining and repairing existing flour mills


1927 he began to build his own machines - manufacturing itself was outsourced


1930 he bought his first workshop for production


Within the 30's he had 25 employees and produced milling machines in combined steel & wood design. He also maintained sawmills.


1939-1945 WW2 stopped almost all activities and he had to maintain flour mills to ensure food production


1945 he restarted with 12 employees and produced roller mills, mixing machines, plainsifters, cleaners/aspirators, filters, brushing machines, and all conveying equipment


Harvesters/combines became popular in the early 50's, and more wet grains came from the field. Post-harvest storage, cleaning and drying was required.

Erich Holzinger (born in 1930), after engineering school joined the Company.


Cooperation with HAPPLE a market leading company from Bavaria, Germany started with cleaners and dryers. As HAPPLE had a bigger number of units in production due to market size, this was most feasible.


"Holzinger Maschinenfabrik Anlagenbau", along with HEID in Stockerau became the country's leader in complete silo facilities. Silos themselves were either made in concrete or fom steel as square/modular silos. All stel silos were fabricated in house.


Many square steel silo blocks were produced and built and also exported to Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria and even to  Russia.


Many smaller competitors started business in the late 80's, and also grain overproduction became an issue. As a result the market was partly saturated.


Seed plants were built in cooperation with HEID Stockerau which was one of the world market leaders. An offer to acquire HEID together with HAPPLE was rejected by Creditanstalt which sold HEID to Cimbria in an attempt to export guarantees outside of Austria.

Export cooperation with companies such as Franz Haas (wafer and cookie lines), Vogelbusch (alcohol & starch) was done successfully In the late 80's/early 90's. Storage, conveying, mixing and milling systems were supplied, also for all kinds of bulk materials (food and non-food).


In the mid 90's, first cooperation talks with US companies were sorted (Sweet Mfg., Brock Grain & Feed Systems).


The business was sold in 1998. Klaus Holzinger began as Sales Manager for Brock (CTB Inc.), USA and established over 2 Mill. tons of steel silo storage, and a series of grain port terminals in Eastern Europe and the CIS until 2010. Total storage capacity was over 2 Mill. tons.

In 2011 & 2012, Klaus Holzinger was Vice President of the GSI Group, responsible for all Europe. Under his initiative, the new "Series 40" silo was designed at GSI. GSI was sold to AGCO Corporation.


Klaus Holzinger moved to Germany and worked for Petkus in 2013, one of world leaders in seed plants.


From 2014, Klaus Holzinger started his own Consulting Business with Focus on Grain Elevators/Systems and big grain port terminals in the CIS countries, and also Business development Consulting for big international manufacturers of grain storage, handling and drying equipment.


In  2019, Holzinger Engineering, Eferding is reorganized as H.E.M.C. GmbH Vienna  by Klaus Holzinger and partners. It bundles decades of experience in the grain storage and processing Business.







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