1925 Mathias Holzinger (born in 1901) starts  “Mathias Holzinger Mühlenbau” in Eferding as a one man business, main activity is maintaining and repairing existing flour mills in Upper Austria


1927 The firm begins to market milling equipment under Mathias Holzinger Eferding (MHE) brand - manufacturing itself was outsourced


1930 First manufacturing facility is established in Eferding. Business quickly grows in the 1930’s with MHE brand making a reputation for well engineered and carefully manufactured roller mills, sifters and cleaners for flour mills as well as equipment for sawmills


1939-1945 WW2 stops all production activities of the company, the firm concentrates on  maintenance of flour mills to ensure food production


1945 As soon as the war ends the firm restarts with 12 employees and produces roller mills, mixers, plainsifters, cleaners, aspirators, purifiers, filters, brushing machines, and conveying equipment


1950 Erich Holzinger, son of Mathias joins the company following his education at engineering school. Activity of the company extends to post-harvest storage, cleaning and drying as European agricultural production shifts to wet harvest practices


1960’s sees the company name change to Holzinger Maschinenfabrik Anlagenbau to reflect the more corporate approach to business being cultivated. These years also see very successful cooperation with other producers of equipment. The firm quickly makes a reputation for offering solutions to customers’ needs through incorporating its own manufacturing with select equipment from German and European producers such as HAPPLE of Bavaria


1970’s "Holzinger Maschinenfabrik Anlagenbau", along with HEID in Stockerau became the country's leader in complete silo facilities. Silos themselves were either made in concrete or from steel as square/modular silos. All steel silos are fabricated in house. Many square steel silo blocks are produced and exported to Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria and even to the Soviet Union


During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s many smaller competitors entering the grain storage market led to market saturation and "Holzinger Maschinenfabrik Anlagenbau" shifted focus to seed plants built in cooperation with HEID Stockerau and HAPPLE as well as successful export cooperation with companies such as Franz Haas (wafer and cookie lines), Vogelbusch (alcohol & starch). Storage, conveying, mixing and milling systems were supplied for all kinds of food and non-food bulk materials all over Europe


1988 Klaus Holzinger, son of Erich joins the family business following his education as mechanical engineer, allowing Erich Holzinger to devote more time to politics and to become President of the Federal Council of the Austrian Parliament in 1993. By the mid 90's, cooperation with the US companies Sweet Mfg. and Brock Grain Systems has been established. Export sales and installations become the main focus of company as production with high Austrian wages stops being competitive


1998 The manufacturing arm of the business "Holzinger Maschinenfabrik Anlagenbau" and production facilities in Eferding are sold. Klaus Holzinger continued providing solutions to grain industry with “Holzinger Engineering, Eferding” as well as top professional positions at world leading grain equipment producers until 2014


2014  Klaus Holzinger shifts all professional activity to “Holzinger Engineering, Eferding” with focus on grain and oilseed elevators, processing plants and large grain port terminals in the CIS countries. This period sees rapid growth of the company’s activity with high demand for specialized services and more international presence. Reflecting the international activity company moves from Eferding to Vienna 


In  2019, Holzinger Engineering becomes Holzinger Engineering Machinery and Construction (HEMC) and is reorganized as HEMC GmbH, Vienna  by Klaus Holzinger and partners. The company bundles decades of experience in the grain and oilseeds storage and processing businesses with local presence in Austria, Russia and Turkey

2020 HEMC GmbH LLC Ukraine is established in Kharkiv, Ukraine to serve the growing demand for Ukrainian demand for HEMC services


2021 HEMC (Wuxi) Engineering Co. Ltd. in Wuxi, China and HEMC Siberia LLC in Novosibirsk, Russia are established to serve growing demand for HEMC GmbH activities